About the company

AG  Metals  was  established  in  1996.

The  company is engaged in  import, marketing and  sale of  semi-finished  products

based on precious metals. AG Metals is an exclusive representative of international


The  activity  also  includes refining  of  precious  metals  - a  preliminary process, of

casting and analysis (XRF and fire assay), is performed at the company then exported

to various refiners  depending on  the  contents.


Ag Metals  serves  over 300  customers  all over Israel; the main  markets in which we

operate – dentistry, silverware, jewelry, industrial brazing and recycling.


The company is managed with a focus on family - atmosphere, transparency and reliability.


Our company's motto is "Success with a smile"


Fields of activities:

Dentistry supply precious, semi-precious and non-precious dental alloys

(from the USA and Swiss). Supply of consumable products to the dental market.

Silversmith Fine Silver 9999 in grains or ingots, sheets and discs 925

(made in Italy) to the silversmith market.

Brazing Alloys - Supply of wide range of brazing alloys silver base,from silversmith

to industrial applications.

Recycling – We buy precious metals scrap from various sources; as dental waste,

factories scraps, currencies, silverware, jewelry and waste from private  individuals.

We perform a preliminary process of; thermal reduction, milling, casting and testing

in Israel, and export the ingots overseas for final refining.