Metals recycling

A.G. Metals recycling activity includes; waste treatment from various sources:

- Dental waste (crowns, bridges and powders)

- Jewelries

- Coins

- Silverware (800-925)

- Industrial scrap

- Electrical scrap

- Rinse and coating solutions containing; Gold, Platinum, Palladium,

  Rhodium and Iridium. (Concentrations - from - 0.3%)

- Waste in the form of powder, blocks, or liquid.

Our  refining  system includes;  thermal  reduction,  firing,  grinding,  casting, cutting  and

analysis (XRF& fire ICP assay).The scrap is homogenized and sampled to allow maximum


Over 20 years of experience,  an extensive network of contacts worldwide with recycling

companies - enable us to provide creative solutions for various types of waste, including

low contents waste.

We allow for metal fixing and currency fixing, In order to reduce any risk of market fluctuation.


Recycling of basic metals:

Our  solution  for  base metals recycling, exotic metals and electronics is provided by our

"subsidiary" Metalex Metals Ltd. which in responsible of -

* Collecting

* Reducing volumes

* Packaging for shipment.


All those, according  to the  strictest  European standards, approved and coordinated with

the Ministry of Environment.