Pt 28.835 Pd 29.999 Rh 130.21 Au 64.797 Ag 0.737

About A.G. Metals

A.G. Metals is a leader in the field of precious metals, specializing in the trading & recycling of precious metals. With over two and a half decades of experience, a worldwide network of professional connections and a long-standing reputation for reliability and financial resilience, the company covers a wide range of PM related fields such as dental alloys, electronic recycling, auto catalytic recycling, plating materials etc. As part of the digital transformation of A.G. Metals, three new projects are being implemented:  A.G. Metals website – a comprehensive precious metals site which groups up-to-date data, news and technology together with useful tools to support our customers.


A.G. Metals’ unique catabase enables calculation of the value of catalytic converters based on their unique precious metal composition and current trading price. We have set out to create a community within the precious metals world, where traders, manufacturers and enthusiasts can discuss the various aspects of the field. We bring news updates of new technologies to the PGM ecosystem and welcome you to share ideas, pictures or any interesting data that can benefit group members.


Combining traditional metal trading with innovative blockchain technology. The metals trading world is very traditional. Blockchain and cryptocurrency, on the other hand, are innovative and highly technological, but come with high volatility. A.G. Metals has teamed with Aurus Technologies, who have built an ecosystem which couples the virtual coins to the price of precious metals. It offers blockchain-based products and services that revolutionize both the accessibility and usability of gold, silver and platinum. . This enables delivery to mass markets, broadening clientele and revenue, ease of trading and storing of precious metals.

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