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Big Tip for Gold and Precious Metals Recyclers
Guys, I am going to give you great advice about refining gold and precious metals.

For all small recyclers, who dream about refining precious metals in order to save some money, I can tell you that in 99% of the cases, you are going to lose time & money.

From my point of view, with over 30 years of experience, you can earn money if you buy precious metals scrap at a good price, do a first treatment (to ensure its homogeneity), analyze it (for its metals content) and send it to a good refinery.

Here are the main reasons why:

  • Your refining process will probably not end with pure metals, so you will have to send it for final refining and pay for the process.
  • The process efficiency will be lower than a professional refinery, so you may lose metals during the process.
  • Processes may take time which will expose you to price fluctuation and finance issues.
  • Refining occasionally involves using some hazardous materials which will require dealing with environmental issues.
  • The time spent on the refining process could be better used for collection of extra scrap.
  • Even if you do manage to refine the metals to 99.9 % with platinum, palladium and rhodium, it will be hard to earn their market price.

Follow the basic rule of KIS – Keep It Simple 

Big tip for gold and precious metals recyclers