Pt 27.228 Pd 64.596 Rh 409.921 Au 52.377 Ag 0.591


Catalyst of the Week

This weekly newsletter from A. G. Metals provides the essential information on car catalytic converters such as monolith weight, PGM content in the monolith, CO2 sensor photos and more. We review one catalytic converter per issue.

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CATABASE is catalytic converters database that enables the user to get immediate up-to-date scrap value of the car catalyst. Based on 100% value of the PGM content (palladium platinum & rhodium).
Just input the car catalytic serial #.

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Bringing new angels for investing in Precious Metals, both in the traditional way (physical) and in the innovative way (digital). We found a way to connect the “gold atoms” with the “digital bytes” to create new precious metals investment tools.

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