Pt 34.783 Pd 31.832 Rh 147.893 Au 77.782 Ag 1.009

Density of Precious Metals & Their Alloys


Knowing the density of precious metals and thier alloys is a great tool in order to verify its authentic . just need to divide the weight by the volume and compare the results with the theoretical number in the table.

Please consider that the data present in the table below, are theoretical, as casted material may not be 100%  compressed, and the density may be a little lower. 

Other point to consider is that the theortical density mesure at 20º c. As metals tends to expand when heated, the expected density to get down when temp is over 20°.

Density test is a must test in verifing gold authentic 

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Below is a picture of Digital Density Meter for details press MORE

density meter