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Gold Characteristic

  • Excellent conductor of electricity and heat.
  • The Most malleable of all metals – in fact gold is so soft it can even be molded by hand. Gold can be drawn to the thinnest wire approaching one atom in diameter.
  • It does not corrode or tarnish, unlike other highly conductive metals like copper or Silver.
  • Gold is biocompatibility, meaning it will not create adverse or toxic reactions when coming in contact with human tissue.
  • Gold is diamagnetic – almost zero reflected by magnetic field.

Data Sheet

Metal Gold (Aurum)
Symbol Au
Description Soft yellow metal, dense, malleable, ductile and reddiss
Dencity (solid) 19.3 g/cm ³
Dencity (liquid) 17.3 g/cm ³
Melting point 1064.18 °C / 1947.52 °F
Boiling Point 2970 °C / 5378 °F
Tensile strength 120 Mpa
Young’s modulus 79 Gpa
Vickers Hardness 188-216
Brinell Hardness 188-245
CAS Number 744-57-5
Crystal Structure FCC – face centered cubic

 Gold Products & Utilization


Half of the world total gold consumption is used in the production of jewelry

Money / Finance

Due to its rarity, gold has long been used as a form of currency and people were using gold coins as far as 6000 years ago. about 10% of world gold is used in coinage or in financial stores of governments.


Gold bullions bars or coins are the most common in gold investment, which has been popular commodity for centuries. and is viewed by investors as safe haven and excellent store of wealth


Until recent years gold was often used widely in crowns, fillings and bridges. New technologies and materials reduce the usage dramatically.


Gold can be found in mobiles, laptops, alarm system, cars and most electrical & electronic devices around us, due to its great electric conductivity with high resistance to rust & corrosion.

Aviation and space

Gold can be found not only in electronic devices in aviation and space but also as brazing alloy for correcting parts at the fuel system and blade engines. one interesting application is protecting astronauts from harmful infrared rays from the sun, by coating the visor on their helmet with layer of gold as a filter.

Other usage of Gold

Gold leaf to decorate extra waging dishes and drinks Gold use in cosmetics industry from topical skin care creams to lip balms and moisturizers. Gold ink is increasingly popular with printing companies since photos in gold can produce high quality and long-lasting images.

Asset 4@2x

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