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Reducing Recycling & Refining Costs Can Reduce the Amount of Scrap Disposal

Recycling processes are driven by legislation and regulation on the one hand, and economic viability on the other. In order to be able to flip the “Recycling Pyramid” and minimize the disposal layer, regulation and enforcement must be taken care of. However, Economic viability is a much better incentive to drive this change.
Cost reduction in the recycling and recovery process are economically advantageous even in circulation of scrap with low material concentrations or materials of low value. Reducing costs can be done by developing efficient processes, using inexpensive raw materials and using cheap energy.

Best of luck to all of us in protecting our planet!

The recycling process includes five main stages:

Reduce – Reduction of consumption.

Achieved through legislation, education, enforcement, economic incentives, as well as application of:

  • Uniform international standards, (European standard of uniform socket)
  • The use of public transport
  • The use of energy-efficient light bulbs (LED)
  • The use of energy-saving motors
  • Using reusable bags instead of plastic
  • Alternative energy / renewable energy (solar, wind)
  • Promoting companies that specialize in energy saving

Reuse – Using a product not in its original form or using parts of a product for another purpose.

The use of electronic equipment or any of its components (an aluminum profile can become a car handle, a used tire can become a rubber surface, wood residue is compressed and shredded to become fuel for the stove / fireplace).

Recycle – Using waste components.

Waste is shredded and separated into its components (iron, aluminum, copper, plastic, etc.) and the raw materials are returned to use to create new products.

Recover – Refining waste.

The use of chemical processes to refine the materials from compounds or waste. A complicated and expensive process. Also referred to as urban mining.

Dispose – Storing waste in landfills.

When all previous stages have been exhausted, waste is transported to a landfill, which is less environmentally friendly. 

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