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Introducing Argentum 940 and 960: The New Standard in High-Purity Silver Alloys

A G Metals is happy to present LEGOR Company’s new innovation in the world of silver alloys: Argentum 940 and 960. These new semi-finished product lines are designed to set new benchmarks in the industry with their enhanced purity, brighter white color, superior tarnish resistance, and hypoallergenic properties.

Superior Purity and Brighter White Color

Argentum 940 and 960 boast a higher silver content compared to traditional sterling silver, resulting in a more lustrous and brilliant white finish. This enhanced purity not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the silver but also aligns with the modern demand for high-quality, visually striking jewelry and silverware.

Exceptional Tarnish Resistance and Hypoallergenic Properties

One of the standout features of Argentum 940 and 960 is their remarkable tarnish resistance. This is achieved through the unique addition of germanium to the alloy, which forms a dense and stable oxide layer. This layer not only protects the silver from tarnishing but also significantly improves scratch and wear resistance. Additionally, the hypoallergenic nature of these alloys makes them an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin.

Firestain-Free and Plating Not Required

Argentum’s innovative formulation completely eliminates the issue of firestain, a common problem with traditional sterling silver. This means that items made from Argentum 940 and 960 do not require additional plating, simplifying the manufacturing process and reducing costs.

Wide Range of Products

Argentum Silver is available in a comprehensive range of forms to suit various manufacturing needs. These include grain, sheet, wire, tubing, findings, chains, solders (and flux), offering versatile solutions for jewelers and manufacturers.

Beautiful Castings with Easy Finishing

The Argentum alloys produce clean and bright castings that are easy to finish to a beautiful lustre. This characteristic significantly enhances the efficiency of the manufacturing process, providing a time-saving advantage without compromising on quality.

Excellent Durability and Strength

Argentum 940 and 960 offer great strength and durability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. These alloys can be work-hardened and heat-hardened through a simple, low-temperature heat treatment, further increasing their strength and durability.

Exceptional Ductility

The greater ductility of Argentum Silver compared to traditional sterling silver makes it an excellent choice for forming applications. This characteristic allows for more intricate and delicate designs, expanding the creative possibilities for designers and artisans.

Time and Labor Savings

The elimination of firestain and the need for plating translates to significant time and labor savings. Manufacturers can achieve high-quality finishes more efficiently, making Argentum 940 and 960 cost-effective choices for large-scale production.

Fusing and Welding Capabilities

Argentum’s ability to be fused and welded opens up new opportunities for design and application. This feature makes these alloys particularly attractive for innovative and complex designs that require precision and reliability.

Alloy Composition

Argentum 940 is composed of 94% Silver, 5% Copper, and 1% Germanium. This unique composition is what gives these alloys their superior properties, setting them apart from traditional sterling silver.

Worth the Investment

While Argentum 940 and 960 are more expensive than regular sterling silver alloys, their enhanced properties make them well worth the investment, especially for small jewelry pieces. The superior tarnish resistance, hypoallergenic nature, and overall durability of these alloys ensure that the end products are of the highest quality, providing excellent value for money.


Argentum 940 and 960 represent a significant advancement in silver alloy technology. Their unique formulation, which includes germanium, not only provides superior tarnish and firestain resistance but also enhances scratch and wear resistance. With their higher purity, brighter white color, hypoallergenic properties, and wide range of manufacturing benefits, Argentum 940 and 960 are poised to become the new standard in the silver industry. Embrace the future of silver with Argentum, where quality meets innovation.

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