Pt 28.835 Pd 29.999 Rh 130.21 Au 64.797 Ag 0.737
golden stones on scales on marble surface and blac 2021 08 31 03 39 06 utc@2x

Prices of the metal in this calculator are automatically input in the formula, as per date of calculation, however, it is possible to fill up any metal value at the “metal price” section.

Few notes to consider:

– There may be a difference in metal content from two used Auto Catalytic Converters, with the same “catalogue No.” As, the conditions of; mileage, environment, gas and other factors can affect the metal content.

– In case of sampling powder, it must be milled to a max of 150µm and be drayed in order to get accurate results.

– XRF hand-held “guns”, can generated good results; please read our article “Comparing hand-held XRF Vs Lab results assaying Auto Cat. PGM content”.

Great information on auto catalitic converter is on our newslettercatalyst of the week“.