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Brainir Mini-C Coin Clamper v3 Ping Test Silver Gold Coin Bar Pinger Tester BK

Introducing the MINI-C Coin Clamper v2 for ping test – your essential tool for conducting precise ping tests on your valuable silver and gold coins. This durable adjustable clamper tool is designed to provide you with confidence and accuracy when verifying your coin collection.

Key Features:


  • 1. Compact and Versatile: The MINI-C accommodates coins of up to 3/8 inch in thickness and 50mm in diameter, making it suitable for various coin types.



  • 2. Adjustable Pressure: What sets the MINI-C apart is its ingenious design feature that allows you to adjust the pressure applied to the coin. This adjustability ensures that you achieve the crispest and most reliable ping test results every time.



  • 3. Secure Hold: Soft 100% silicone tips securely hold your coin in place, ensuring a gentle yet firm grip during the ping test.
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