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The Remarkable Potential of Mixed Metal Oxides Containing Ruthenium and Iridium


Mixed metal oxides have gained significant attention in various fields due to their unique properties and diverse applications. Among these mixtures, those containing ruthenium (Ru) and iridium (Ir) have emerged as particularly promising materials. This article explores the fascinating properties and potential applications of mixed metal oxides comprising ruthenium and iridium, with a specific focus on their use in electrogalvanizing and chrome electroplating.

Unveiling the Properties:

Mixed metal oxides containing ruthenium and iridium possess exceptional physical and chemical properties that make them desirable for numerous applications. These properties include high catalytic activity, excellent stability, good electrical conductivity, and compatibility with different materials.


One of the prominent applications of mixed metal oxides with ruthenium and iridium is in catalysis. These materials exhibit remarkable catalytic properties, enabling them to accelerate chemical reactions efficiently. They find applications in various catalytic processes, including hydrogenation, oxidation, water splitting, and fuel cells. The unique composition and structure of ruthenium and iridium mixed metal oxides make them effective catalysts for these reactions, providing enhanced performance and selectivity.

Energy Storage and Conversion:

Mixed metal oxides comprising ruthenium and iridium have shown promising potential in energy storage and conversion applications. Their high electrical conductivity and stability make them suitable candidates for supercapacitors, lithium-ion batteries, and fuel cells. These materials can enhance the energy storage capacity, improve the cycling stability, and increase the overall efficiency of these devices, thereby contributing to the advancement of renewable energy technologies.

Sensors and Electronics:

Another area where mixed metal oxides containing ruthenium and iridium excel is in the field of sensors and electronics. These materials possess excellent sensitivity and selectivity towards various analytes, making them ideal for gas sensors, humidity sensors, and biosensors. Their compatibility with microfabrication techniques allows for the integration of these oxides into electronic devices, enabling the development of advanced sensors with enhanced performance.

Photocatalysis and Optoelectronics:

Mixed metal oxides with ruthenium and iridium have also demonstrated significant potential in the fields of photocatalysis and optoelectronics. Their unique band structures and optical properties enable efficient light absorption and photocatalytic activity. These oxides can be utilized in applications such as solar water splitting, dye-sensitized solar cells, and photodetectors, offering a pathway towards clean energy generation and high-performance optoelectronic devices.


Mixed metal oxides containing ruthenium and iridium are increasingly being utilized in the electrogalvanizing process. Electrogalvanizing is an electroplating technique used to coat steel or iron surfaces with a layer of zinc, providing corrosion resistance and improved aesthetic appearance. MMO coatings serve as effective anode materials, enabling a more efficient and controlled deposition of zinc onto the substrate. The presence of ruthenium and iridium in the MMO coatings enhances their durability and corrosion resistance, resulting in high-quality electrogalvanized coatings.

Chrome Electroplating:

Mixed metal oxides comprising ruthenium and iridium also find applications in chrome electroplating processes. Chrome electroplating is widely used for decorative purposes, corrosion resistance, and surface hardness. MMO coatings are utilized as anodes in the electroplating cell, ensuring a consistent and uniform deposition of chrome onto the substrate. The incorporation of ruthenium and iridium in the MMO coatings enhances the durability and efficiency of the electroplating process, resulting in high-quality chrome-plated surfaces.


Mixed metal oxides containing ruthenium and iridium represent a class of materials with immense potential in various fields. Their exceptional properties make them suitable for applications ranging from catalysis and energy storage to sensors, electrogalvanizing, and chrome electroplating. The continued exploration and development of these materials are expected to contribute significantly to advancements in various industries, such as renewable energy, electronics, and surface coating technologies. As researchers delve deeper into the synthesis and understanding of these mixed metal oxides, we can anticipate further breakthroughs that will unlock their full potential and revolutionize numerous applications.


The burgeoning economic potential of recycling and refining iridium and ruthenium from mixed metal oxides (MMOs) is undeniably significant. As of May 2024, the market valuation of these precious metals stands at approximately $150,000 per kilogram for iridium and $10,000 per kilogram for ruthenium, underscoring their substantial value in the recycling sector. This economic allure presents a lucrative opportunity for industries to invest in the recovery and purification of these metals from spent MMOs. Not only does this promote a more sustainable approach by minimizing waste, but it also capitalizes on the financial benefits of reclaiming these high-value materials. At A. G. Metals, we can support to extract and refine iridium and ruthenium, ensuring maximum recovery and purity. For businesses looking to explore this profitable venture, please feel free to reach out to Ami Gur at for expert assistance and consultation.