Pt 34.783 Pd 31.832 Rh 147.893 Au 77.782 Ag 1.009

About The Blog


Welcome to “Precious Metals Mechanics—by Ami Gur.”

This blog is designed to serve as your expert guide through the intricate world of precious metals. Here, I, Ami Gur, will delve into various methods and devices used for assaying, testing, and analyzing gold, silver, and other precious metals.

Each post on this blog will examine different case studies showcasing how these devices perate, supported by deep explanations of the physical properties involved—such as atomic structure, density, electrical conductivity, and magnetic behavior. My goal is to not only describe how these tests are performed but also to educate you on the scientific principles that make them possible.

Moreover, this blog will address the limitations of each method discussed, providing you with a clear understanding of their scope and constraints. I will present a detailed, step-by-step guide to non-destructive authentication tests, enabling you to verify bullion and scrap ingots confidently.

Through “Precious Metals Mechanics,” you will gain the knowledge needed to trade precious metals with confidence and maximize your profits. Learn the mechanics behind the methods, trade with assurance, and reap the rewards of informed investing.

Join me on this journey to demystify the mechanics of precious metals, where knowledge truly is power.