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Professional Diamond Tester, Gem Tester Pen Portable Electronic Diamond Tester Tool for Jewelry Jade Ruby Stone

About this item

  • This is a portable electronic device for distinguishing real diamonds from other simulated stones. It is designed for quick, precise, and safe diamond tests.
  • An excellent tool kit for the diamond tester, suitable for handling any exposed or inlaid diamonds and gems, as well as other jewelry and precious metal items.
  • The diamond detector with voice instructions and audible sounds are emitted when the lights are on so that you can easily distinguish between masonry and stone.
  • The small portable electronic devices can be put in any wallet or backpack, and the operation is simple. As long as the tip is perpendicular to the test masonry and the switch is pressed, the result can be obtained.
  • Package contents: 1 x diamond tester, 1 x leather case, 1 x test platform, 1 x user manual. This product uses a dc9v battery (not including battery).


Note :

There are more proftional testers which cost more but also good to have ,such as the:

Presidium Instruments Gem Tester II

How the Daimond teater works:

Diamond testers work by measuring the thermal conductivity of a material to determine whether it is a genuine diamond. Diamonds have a unique ability to conduct heat efficiently, more so than most other gemstones. This characteristic is due to the strong covalent bonding between carbon atoms in a diamond’s crystal lattice, which allows heat to dissipate quickly through the structure.

A diamond tester features a small, probe-like tip that is applied to the gemstone. When the tip touches the stone, the device sends a small amount of heat into the stone and then measures the rate at which the heat moves away from the probe. If the heat disperses quickly, indicative of high thermal conductivity, the device signals that the stone is likely a diamond. If the heat disperses slowly, it indicates lower thermal conductivity, suggesting that the stone is not a diamond but perhaps a different gemstone or a synthetic substitute with similar appearance but different physical properties.

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